History of Encuentro

First published in 1989, the journal Encuentro forms part of the “Encuentro Project” for training second and foreign language teachers. The Project came into being in the wake of an analysis of the state of language teaching in the province of Guadalajara, Spain. One outcome of the project was the staging of thirteen “Language Teacher Encounters” between 1987 and 2003, intended mainly for primary and secondary level teachers.

Encuentro’s focus is on training in didactics and methodology, and on the development of classroom research and habits of reflection on the part of language teachers. Accordingly, the journal publishes articles in the following fields: applied linguistics, language teaching and learning, values and interculturality, literature teaching, and related matters; it also publishes accounts of classroom research and innovation. In its first cycle (1989-2004), the fourteen issues of the journal were published in printed format. It starts out on its second cycle as a freely available electronic journal with a view to enjoying wider circulation, receiving a greater number of contributions and cutting costs.

Throughout its first cycle, Encuentro was funded by the University of Alcalá’s Publications Service, the Department of Modern Philology, the University Teacher Training School, the University School of Tourism, and Obra Social y Cultural de Ibercaja.


ISSN: 1989-0796